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Eurovision 2008 Interview with Rebeka Dremelj (Slovenia)
Image After Alenka Gotar represented Slovenia at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest – Rebeka Dremelj was selected by the Slovenian public to represent Slovenia at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade, Serbia with the song “Vrag naj vzame”.

Unfortunately, Rebeka could not gather enough votes from around Europe to qualify Slovenia for the Grand Final of the 53rd Eurovison Song Contest. She received 36 points from the European voters placing Slovenia at Number 12 in the first Semi Final when only the Top 10 qualify for the Grand Final.

JP of Radio International met the Rebeka Dremelj on her promotional tour through Europe when she came to Antwerp, Belgium at the end of April 2008 for a media event organized by www.eurosong.be.  Let’s listen to this interview with Rebeka now and enjoy her funny character and find out what “Vrag naj vzame” actually means.
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