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Eurovision 2008 Interview with Vania (Portugal)
Image The Eurovision Club Germany (EC Germany) had their annual convention on 15 November 2008 in Cologne’s Gloria Theatre. As special guest VANIA from Portugal was invited to this event. JP the great pleasure to meet and interview Vania again. Listen to this interview to find out more about Vania before her time at the Eurovision Song Contest and what are her future plans.

Click here to listen to the interview

ImagePortugal was represented by Vania Fernandes at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the great “Senhora do Mar” (Lady from the sea). In the second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest, Vania could successfully qualify Portugal for the Grand Final on 24 May 2008 where she reached Number 13 with 69 points.

In 2007, Vania won the Portuguese talent contest, Operação Triunfo (Operation Triumph). That same year, she completed her professional music studies and training in singing, including jazz, at Madeira's Conservatory.

Now let’s find out more from the charming Vania from Portugal in her interview with Radio International’s JP. 

Click here to listen to the interview with Vania from Portugal  

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