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Eurovision 2008 Interview with Philipp Kirkorov (Ukraine)

ImageHello this is JP on Radio International. At the Eurovision Song Contest 008 in Belgrade, Serbia JP of Radio International met Philipp Kirkorov, also known as the "King of Russian Pop".

Born in Bulgaria in 1867, Philipp Kirkorov participated for Russia at the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest with "Sweet lullaby for a Volcano", unfortunately ending up last.

He was married to the Soviet Pop Icon Alla Pugachova for 11 years before their marriage broke up in 2005.
Alla Pugachova is no stranger to the World of the Eurovision Song Contest. She performed "Prima Donna" for Russia in 1997 reaching number 15.

Philip Kirkorov has composed the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest entry  "Work your Magic" performed by Dimitry Koldun for Belarus, reaching Number 6.

In 2008, Philipp returned to the Eurovision Song Contest as composer of  the Ukrainian entry "Shady Lady" performed by the lovely Ani Lorak. Like in 2007 the Ukraine became second in the Eurovision Song Contest with 230 points.

 Click here to listen to the interview with Philipp Kirkorov

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