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Eurovision 2007 Interview - Karolina (FYROM)
ImageKarolina represented the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song entitled “Mojot Svet”. First FYROM had to qualify to be able to participate at the Final of the 52nd Eurovision Song Contest. In the Semi Final Karolina received 97 points thus making her Number 9 in the Semi Final. With this she qualified her country to go through into the Final which was staged at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki on 12 May 2007. In the Final “Mojot Svet” reached a total of 73 points ranking FYROM at Number 14.

Karolina is no stranger for the Eurovision World as she already represented FYROM at 2002 Eurovision Song Contest with “Od nas zavisi” reaching Number 19. 

Malcolm Whitehouse and JP met Karolina Gocheva right after her Press Conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Click here to listen to the Interview with Karolina

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