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Show 21 January 2015

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Listen to this week's edition of: Malta's Eurovision Radio with Deo Grech (2015-01-21)
Wales 12 Points - W12P (2015-01-15)

Experience the Eurovision Song Contest with Radio International and Partners.

ImageRadio International TV Channel with Chat Room: Radio International launched its own Livestream TV Channel where fans can join and see how we actually do Radio International and listen to the show while chatting with the other Eurovision fans joining the community.  But also you can watch there a re-run of the weekly edition of Radio International. Enjoy and tell your friends to join and be part of the Eurovision Radio International Community!

Please note that many interviews we air are also available as video interview which can be viewed on our Radio International YouTube Channel. Just take a look and enjoy also see the artists talking to us. 

ImageInto a brand new year of Eurovision craze from the Team of Eurovision Radio International - your music requests, comments and ideas:  Eurovision Radio International never stops and is keen on keeping the music and news of the Eurovision Song Contest in the ears of the many fans that join the show each and every week via the usual means either on FM, Cable and also via PODCAST, Itunes, LISTEN AGAIN, live broadcast or Live Stream. You can also find Radio International (RTV Katwijk) on TuneIn. Please feel free to submit your comments, ideas and requests of Eurovision songs and Radio International is delighted to play your requests during the shows. Click on CONTACT to submit your request to the programme.

ImageOGAE Germany's Annual Convention 2015 - Interview with Frank Albers:  OGAE Germany's Annual Convention is scheduled to take place on Saturday 24 January 2015 in Wirtshaus zum Isartal, Munich, Germany with the participation of Krista Siegfrids - Ding Dong Ding Dong :) (Finland 2013), Ray Caruana from Live Report (United Kingdom 1989), Hersi Matmuja (Albania 2014) and surprise guests. Frank Albers - the clubs PR Manager will be talking to Radio International live during the show to tell us all the details of this year's edition of the OGAE Germany Convention. In case you have not yet signed up but would like to take part in this event and meet the artists you still can register via the website of OGAE Germany by clicking here

ImageJunior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 - Interview with Sympho-Nick (Ukraine 2014): The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 took place in Malta on 15 November 2014 with debutant Italy winning the event. The song "Tu primo grande amore" was performed so passionately by Vinzenco Cantiello on stage and won the event with 159 points on the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 stage in the Marsa Ship Yard. The representatives from Ukraine were Sympho-Nick who performed the song "Spring will come" which reached Number 6 in the Grand Final of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014. Listen to the interview with Sympho-Nick from Ukraine which Radio International did after the Press Conference of the young singers. Enjoy! :) You can also watch this interview on our YouTube Channel - click here
ImageThe 24 hour Eurovision Marathon with Glen Bartlett of W12P:  Saturday, 24 January 2015 is a special day for Oystermouth Radio in Wales, UK as well as for Glen Bartlett who initiated this charity event in aid of a blood cancer charity. Glen together with a number of Eurovision experts and journalists will be broadcast nothing but Eurovision for 24 hours starting on Saturday, 24 January 2015 at High Noon = 1200 hours CET lasting until Sunday, 26 January 2015 Noon CET. How to tune in and donate money is explained by Glen in an interview Radio International did with Glen on this week's edition of Radio International. But also here are the links needed to be part of it:
For worldwide donations : www.justgiving.com/w12p
To Listen via Mobile Device : Search for Oystermouth Radio on the TuneIn App
Malta's Charity Event L'Istrina 2014:  Also mentioned during this week's edition of Radio International was the Charity Event in Malta which was held on 26 December 2014 with involvement of the highest level - The President of Malta. The Charity is called L-Istrina and donations go to the Malta Community Chest Fund in aid of cancer victims to finance the treatment. A record of over 3,656,000 Euros were donated to the charity which also has its Theme Song called "Int Min Int" featuring a large number of Maltese Eurovision artists such as: Amber, Glen Vella, Mary Spiteri, Georgina, Ludwig Galea, Lawrence Gray, Dominic Cini, Federica Falzon and Gaia Cauchi amongst others. Radio International played the song during the show but also would like to make the video available for you. To watch - click here
ImageThe Eurovision Top 40 Semi Final entries that failed to make it into the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest but according to our listeners should have made it:  Over the past couple of years Eurovision Radio International has on a monthly basis featured a selection of listeners's choices in the third hour of what they thought should have made it to the Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Marcus and JP then played the choices in form of a Top 20 Chart in the show.  Now at the end of 2014 Radio International entered all the listeners' choices into the computer and has now worked out a Top 40.  For the next three weeks JP will be counting down the Top 40 Semi Final entries in the third hour of the show. Last week we started with positions 40 - 31 and this week listen to positions 30 to 21. What will be Number One?
ImageEurovision Song Contest Spotlight - Austria in Eurovision:  The last in the current series and with this Radio International takes you to the National Final Season to the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Austria initially won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1966 for the very first time with Udo Juergens singing "Merci Cherie" and then the second victory came in 2014 with Conchita Wurst and "Rise like a Phoenix" and with this will be hosting the 2015 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. As in previous years the Eurovision Spotlight has reflected on the songs of the next host country and this year is no exception. The Radio International Eurovision Experts will be taking a look at Austria's history at the Eurovision Song Contest. Dermot Manning closes out the series this week. Enjoy the final flashback into Austria's entries to the Eurovision Song Contest. Next week will start taking a look at the National Finals of the various Eurovision 2015 countries. 
Image Eurovision UnderCover:  This ever so popular feature on Radio International is David Mann's weekly edition of the Eurovision Cover Versions where David Mann from Eurovision Norwich will be intoducing some of the finest Eurovision Song Contest entries covered by other singers. Just be surprised. You will be hearing the actual song that has been on the Eurovision stage followed by the cover. Listeners are encouraged to send in their cover versions they came across over the years to share with the other fans tuning into the show. Alternatively, listeners can send in their request for a particular Eurovision covered song using this link

ImageEurovision Song Contest News: With Nathan from escXtra.com falling ill David Mann stood in for this week's bulletin of the Eurovision News Update. Normally, Nathan Waddell joins the team in the studio every week to bring you the news and the latest developments connected to the Eurovision Song Contest such as the National Finals or if it is music releases of Eurovision performers, special concerts, gossip, etc Nathan will have it all for us during the weekly edition of Radio International. He also takes a look at some statistics such as viewing figures in the various countries and more. Nathan is website editor with escxtra.com. In addition, Eurovision News is available on www.eurovision.tv, esctoday.com and escflashmalta.com (amongst others.
ImageNew Song Releases by Eurovision Artists:  Radio International is always keen to know how the careers of Eurovision performers develop after their performance at the event. The show is in collaboration with many Music Companies that supply Radio International with the latest songs of their signed up artists to bring the muisc closer to the fans. On a weekly basis Radio International receives songs which are being featured on the show. 

ImageEurovision Song Contest Calendar of Events
: Check out a detailed listing of all events scheduled around Europe. If you hear of something we have not listed please drop us a line by clicking here and let us know. After Eurovision is before Eurovision and to bridge the Eurovision Gap many Eurovision Clubs will be holding their annual convention. But also all the National Final Details are being displayed in the Calendar. Make sure you frequently check it out. 

Upcoming Events - Highlights:
23 Jan 2015 (Fri) - BELARUS
24 Jan 2015 (Sat) - Munich, Germany
14 Jan 2015 (Wed) - Georgia
National Final
24 Jan 2015 (Sat) - Lithuania
Eurovizijos 3rd Round show at LRT TV-Studios, Vilnius
31 Jan 2015 (Sat) - Lithuania
Eurovizijos 4th Round show at LRT TV-Studios, Vilnius
31 Jan 2015 (Sat) - SWITZERLAND
Die Große Entscheidungsshow FINAL at Bodensee Arena, Kreuzlingen
Eurovision Quiz:  Scratch your heads and bite your nails at  our weekly Eurovision Song Contest Quiz. Good luck and win a copy of a past Eurovision Song Contest Final on DVD or a dip into the Eurovision Goodies Bag. All you have to do is to identify the five clips with Artist, Song, Country and Year. Send your answers via the website's CONTACTs form. As for the quiz answers, you have time until 2359 hours the Tuesday after Radio International was aired live. That gives the chance for the listeners who were not able to join us live on Wednesdays to participate in the quiz and the draw for the prize. Our friends who pick Radio International up via EurovisiOradio.eu can also participate at the weekly quiz. Good Luck!   Congratulations to Rafael Vivas from Venezuela for winning the last Clip Quiz of 2014.
Eurovision Music requests as well as other music requests are most welcome and can be done via our website's CONTACT US page. Let us know what you want to hear and where you are from. Due to the large number of requests we received and cannot accommodate this week these requests will be added to the play list for the future shows.
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