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Show 19 November 2014

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Malta's Eurovision Radio with Deo Grech (2014-02-05)
W12P - Wales 12 Points (2014-11-13)

Experience the Eurovision Song Contest with Radio International and Partners.

After a fantastic Junior Eurovsion Song Contest 2014 in Malta now It's just around the corner -  the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with Eurovision Radio International - your music requests, comments and ideas:  Eurovision Radio International never stops and is keen on keeping the music of the Eurovision Song Contest in the ears of the many fans that join the show each and every week via the usual means either via PODCAST, Itunes, LISTEN AGAIN, live broadcast or Live Stream. Please feel free to submit your comments, ideas and requests of Eurovision songs and Radio International is delighted to play your requests during the shows. Click on CONTACT to submit your request to the programme.

ImageJunior Eurovision Song Contest 2014: Also this week is a rather special edition of Radio International as some members of the Team are located still in Malta after the fantastic Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 which came to you from the Marsa Ship Yard in Malta with a victory for Italy by 14 year old Vincenzo Cantiello. Details can be found the the Junior Eurovision Song Contest website. Upon the return of the Radio International team to the home studio in the Netherlands the interviews will be broadcast during the weekly editions of the show. But complete details such as video interviews, photos and results of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2014 can be found here
ImageMalta Eurovision Song Contest 2014:  But this week's show also comes from Malta and JP has another co-host  this week, in fact, David Mann who normally contributes from Studio 3 in London joins the team in Malta for the show this week introducing to you all the 20 contestants to the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 from which the winner will be representing Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna, Austria. On Friday, 21 November 2014, 20 contestants of Malta's best singers will be competing for the Top 14 places in the Final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2015 to be held on Saturday, 22 November 2014. Enjoy this week's show and also a flashback to some of Malta's nicest entries to the Eurovision Song Contest. You can find the list of the participants here and the website of the PBS (Malta's Oublic Service Broadcast) is available here. PBS decided to move the Maltese National Final to the Eurovision Song Contest to the week after the Junior Eurovision Song Contest to make use of the same venue thus cutting production cost. By Sunday morning we should then know who represents Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. 
The normal format of Eurovision Radio International will return next week but at this point Radio International would like to thank PBS and the many volunteer that helped us tremendously during our stay in Malta.
ImageEurovision Song Contest News:  escXtra.com's Nathan Waddell normally joins the team in the studio every week to bring you the news and the latest developments connected to the Eurovision Song Contest. Whether it is music releases of Eurovision performers, special concerts, gossip, etc.  Nathan will have it all for us during the weekly edition of Radio International.
In addition, Eurovision News is available on www.eurovision.tv, escxtra.com, esctoday.com and escflashmalta.com and many others.
Since this week is it a rather special edition of the show live from sunny Malta, the normal formal returns next week with all the usual features when the team is back in the studio. 
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