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Show 27 February 2013

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ImageRadio International TV Channel with Chat Room: Radio International launched its own Livestream TV Channel where fans can join and see how we actually do Radio International and listen to the show while chatting with the other Eurovision fans joining the community.  But also you can watch there a re-run of the weekly edition of Radio International. Enjoy and tell your friends to join and be part of the Eurovision Radio International Community!

Please note that many interviews we air are also available as video interview which can be viewed on our Radio International YouTube Channel. Just take a look and enjoy also see the artists talk to us. 
ImageMelodifestivalen 2013 - Semi Final 4 took place in the hall where also the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 will take place come May - the Malmö Arena. Radio International's very own rowing reporter Lilian Brunell was on location and has been swinging her microphone backstage to interview the participants and more. This week Radio International is very much Swedish influenced with interviews and music. At this point the Radio International Mother Ship would like to thank Lilian Brunell for her great work in Malmö. 
ImageInterview with the Army of Lovers (Melodifestivalen 2013):  The Army of Lovers exists since the late 80s with 10 albums and over 20 single releases in their career. Their biggest hit was "Crucified" which charted for eight weeks at Number One in the European Singles Chart in 1991. The band has been taking part in Sweden's Melodifestivalen to obtain the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest a few times. Their 2013 attempt is with the song "Rockin' the ride" which advanced from Semi Final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2013 to the Second Chance Round. Lilian Brunell met the Army of Lovers during the Welcome Reception in Malmö for an interview which Radio International broadcasts this week. More details about the Army of Lovers can be found here. You can watch this interview also on our YouTube Channel - click here
ImageInterview with Ulrik Munther (Melodifestivalen 2013): One of the youngest if not the youngest participant in Melodifestivalen 2013 is Ulrik Munther who saw his debut at Melodifestivalen in 2012 with the song "Soldier" that not only catapulted him to to the Final of Melodifestivalen 2012 but also reach a remarkable 3rd place. He wants to attempt again in 2013 and entered in Semi Final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2013 with a Thomas "Euphoria" G:son, Peter Boström and himself co-written song "Tell the World I'm in love". The viewers liked this song so much that Ulrik Munther qualified straight away for the Final of Melodifestivalen 2013 to take place in Stockholm's Friends Arena on 09 March 2013. Radio International's rowing reporter (yet again:) ) met Ulrik at the Aftershow Party for an interview which you can hear on this week's edition of Radio International.  
ImageInterview with Ralf Gyllenhammer (Melodifestivalen 2013): The second act after Ulrik Munther that made it straight to the Final of Melodifestivalen2013 from Semi Final 4 is Ralf Gyllenhammer with the song "Bed on Fire". Ralf Gyllenhammar is the singer in a rockband called Mustasch. His dream has been to participate in Melodifestivalen but rest of the band was not interested so he went solo for this occasion. However, his dream has come true and he is amongst the ten finalists in Stockholm's Friends Arena battling for the ticket to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. His favorite song from Melodifestivalen is "Michelangelo" with Björn Skifs from year 1975. It ended 5th but has become a huge hit in Sweden. And guess what :)  Radio International's rowing reporter (yet again:) ) met Ralf at the Aftershow Party for an interview which you can hear on this week's edition of Radio International. :) 
ImageInterview with Sylvia Vrethammar (Melodifestivalen 2013): Sylvia was born 1945 and has been a professional artist since 1967. Her song "Y Viva Espana" from 1973, became a huge success both in UK and Sweden. The song ended up in the Guiness Book of Records as being on the UK chart for 28 weeks. Since the mid-70s she has a career in Germany and partly lives there nowadays. She participated in Melodifestivalen four times. Last time was 2002 with the song "Hon är en annan nu". Sylvia Vrethammar's entry "Trivialitet" (Trivality) (composed by composed by Thomas "Euphoria" G:son, Calle Kindbom, Mats Tärnfors) was selected by the pre-juries of Melodifestivalen to be amongst the 32 acts battling it out to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Unfortunately, last Saturday in Semi Final 4 of Melodifestivalen 2013 she did not receive enough votes to advance to the Final and thus is out of the competition. During the Dress Rehearsal the Radio International rowing reporter Lilian Brunell could hold an interview with the singer which you can hear during this week's edition of Radio International. You can watch this interview also on our YouTube Channel - click here  

ImageInterview with Jon Ola Sand - The Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest:  Jan Ola Sand has a very busy period ahead with organising the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with Swedish Television (SVT). He travels to many national finals and has been seen in amongst others the German Final on 14 February 2013. Radio International's roving reporter Lilian Brunell was at the Semi Final 4 of Sweden's Melodifestivalen 2013 and caught up with the Executive Supervisor of the Eurovision Song Contest - Mr. Jon Ola Sand for an interview regarding the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest from Malmö in Sweden.
ImageInterview with Klinsmann Coleiro (Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013): On Saturday, 02 February 2013 Malta selected their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with a young medical doctor by the name of Gianluca Bezzina who will be the Ambassador of Malta in Malmoe waving the Maltese Flag and singing the song "Tomorrow" which won Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The full result of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 can be viewed here.
Continuing the series of interviews with Maltese music talent Radio International this week airs an interview with Klinsmann who entered the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 with the song "The Remedy" which unfortunately did not go through into the Final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Klinsmann is however, also member of a band called Planet Seed. Find out more about Planet Seed by clicking here.  Listen to the interview with Klinsmann in this week's edition of Radio International. You can watch this interview also on our YouTube Channel - click here
  • The Results of the Radio International Online Voting can be found - here
  • Photos of the Malta Experience can be viewed here in Album 1 and Album 2

ImageInterview with Petra & Richard Edwards (Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013):  After having Klinsmann on the show this week Radio International also has a second Maltese Talent on the show this week. All in all Petra and Richard as soloists and duo had three songs in the Maltese National Selection this year. out of which Petra's  entry "No one's home" did not qulify for the Final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013, however, Richard Edward's "Fall like Rome" went to the Final of the contest reaching Number 13 and then the duett between Petra and Richard ranked even higher in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - at Number 6. No strangers to the airwaves of Radio International both Richard Edwards and Petra have been taking part in the national selection of Malta to the Eurovision Song Contest for three years with Richard's entry "Finally" came second to Glen Vella's "One Life" in 2011. In 2012 Richard too part with "Look at me now" which made it to Number 5.  Listen to an interview with both artists together Radio International made during the rehearsal days in Malta.  You can watch this interview also on our YouTube Channel - click here

ImageEurovision Song Contest Spotlight - The 2013 National Finals with Ross Bennett: The National Selection period is in full swing where countries are selecting their entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 that will be staged in Malmö, Sweden on the 14 May 2013 (Semi Final 1),  16 May 2013 (Semi Final 2) and 18 May 2013 (Grand Final) where so far 39 countries will be competing for the trophy and the rights to hold the Eurovision Song Contest 2014. As every year Radio International reviews the National Finals with the regular correspondents and this week it is the turn of Ross Bennett who will be taking a look at the selection process of Crotia, Cyprus, France, Georgia, Ireland, Russia, Slovenia and Spain . Find a full listing of the upcoming National Finals here.
Image Eurovision UnderCover:  Last week, Radio International started a brand new series on the show featuring Eurovision Cover Versions where JP will be intoducing some of the finest Eurovision Song Contest entries covered by other singers. Just be surprised. You will be hearing the actual song that has been on the Eurovision stage followed by the cover. Enjoy the brand new series.  Listeners are encouraged to send in their cover versions they came across over the years to share with the other fans tuning into the show. Alternatively, listeners can send in their request for a particular Eurovision covered song using this link.
ImageNew Song Releases by Eurovision Artists:  Radio International is always keen to know how the careers of Eurovision performers develop after their performance at the event. The show is in collaboration with many Music Companies that supply Radio International with the latest songs of their signed up artists to bring the muisc closer to the fans. On a weekly basis Radio International receives songs which are being featured on the show. This week watch out for new material from Eurovision Winner 2012 Loreen, Zeljko Joksimovic and Soraya from Spain. 

ImageEurovision Song Contest NewsLuke Fisher joins the team in the studio every week to bring you the news and the latest developments connected to the Eurovision Song Contest. Whether it is music releases of Eurovision performers, special concerts, gossip, etc Luke will have it all for us during the weekly edition of Radio International. He also takes a look at some statistics such as viewing figures in the various countries and more.
In addition, Eurovision News is available on www.eurovision.tv, escxtra.com, esctoday.com and escflashmalta.com.   

ImageEurovision News Website: escXtra.com:  Luke Fisher is the  Editor - in - Chief of the newly created Eurovision News website called escXtra.com. Check our more and EXTRA news on the Eurovision Song Contest by visiting the website here


ImageEurovision Song Contest Calendar of Events: Check out a detailed listing of all events scheduled around Europe. If you hear of something we have not listed please drop us a line by clicking here and let us know. After Eurovision is before Eurovision and to bridge the Eurovision Gap many Eurovision Clubs will be holding their annual convention. But also all the National Final Details are being displayed in the Calendar. Make sure you frequently check it out. 
Upcoming Events - Highlights:
13 April 2013:
Eurovision in Concert 2013 in the Melkweg of Amsterdam, The Netherlands with 2013 Eurostar. Details
14 May 2013
Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Semi Final 1 from Malme, Sweden
16 May 2013
Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Semi Final 2 from Malme, Sweden 
14 May 2013
Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Grand Final from Malme, Sweden 
19 - 21 July 2013
Eurovision Weekend in Berlin, Germany
07 September 2013
Eurovision Cruise organised by OGAE Finland
ImageEurovision Quiz:  Scratch your heads and bite your nails at  our weekly Eurovision Song Contest Quiz. Good luck and win a copy of a past Eurovision Song Contest Final on DVD. All you have to do is to identify the five clips with Artist, Song, Country and Year. Send your answers via the website's CONTACTs form. As long as stock last you can also select something out of the Eurovision 2010 Goodies Bag. Good Luck! Congratulations go to Michael Nagelkerke from Maastricht, The Netherlands for winning this week's Clip Quiz.
Eurovision Music requests as well as other music requests are most welcome and can be done via our website's CONTACT US page. Let us know what you want to hear and where you are from. Due to the large number of requests we received and cannot accommodate this week these requests will be added to the play list for the future shows.
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