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Greta Salóme's first solo album: "In the Silence"
Image Greta Salóme has released her first solo album, In the Silence. The album includes Greta’s Eurovision 2012 entry, Never Forget, which won the ‘Best Group’ trophy in a voting for ESC Radio Awards 2012.
I began writing the album early 2010 when I had just started my MA studies at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. I was so full of ideas and wanted to try new things. I then entered Songvakeppni Sjonvarpsins (Iceland Grand Prix) and went on to compete for Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest in Azerbaijan. After that I got a phone call from a record label that wanted to release my first solo album. I signed a contract with Sena for the Icelandic market and decided to work with Hands Up Music for the international release,” says Greta about the origin of the new album.
I wanted to free myself from the classical form, do something outside the box, but still use my classical background. I was playing with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, where I was the orchestra’s youngest member. My plan was to do both, but I realised that it was too much, so I recently left the orchestra to follow-up on the album and my other commitments. But I still play pop and perform as a solo violinist,” Greta continues and adds that she would very much like to keep on writing pop music mixed with classical elements.
I’m very happy with the album. It has depth and diverseness. When I started working on it with producer Þorvaldur Bjarni, it came to life and I wasn't sure how it would turn out. I was so surprised when I heard the final version, it combines joy and sorrow, and contradictions, even in the title. I’m very proud of it and I hope people will enjoy it.
In the Silence has a large sound, and when played at high volume it might bring the listener close to ecstasy.
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