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Show 22 August 2012 - Longest Wait to Victory & Eurovision's Repeat Offenders

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Malta's Eurovision Radio - not available this week
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Experience the Eurovision Song Contest with Radio International and Partners.

ImageRadio International TV Channel with Chat Room: Radio International launched its own Livestream TV Channel where fans can join and see how we actually do Radio International and listen to the show while chatting with the other Eurovision fans joining the community.  But also you can watch there the many interviews the Team of Radio International has done over the past weeks and also a re-run of the weekly edition of Radio International. Enjoy and tell your friends to join and be part of the Radio International Community!

Please note that this week exceptionally the show starts two hours later and there is no Livestream transmission per video as you are used to,  however, in order to listen to the show and be able to chat with your Eurovision Friends it is recommended that this week you follow the following steps:

At 2200 hours CET tune into the Radio International Live Stream Channel by clicking here.

Mute the sound of the video being played back on the livestream channel. The Chatroom already is open and you can start chatting with your Eurovision friends. 

To listen to this week's show click on this link which is the player from the radio station. You should then have the audio livestream from the radio station.

All will be back to normal next week. Alternatively, you can also click on the show hours above.

SHOW CONTENT- Longest Wait to Victory & Eurovision's Repeat Offenders

Image(Hour 1 and Hour 2) Eurovision Radio International this week airs a special show as Alasdair Rendall and JP have gone through the results (compiled by Stephen Boddington) of the countries taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest to see which country actually has the Longest Wait to Victory. Enjoy Alasdair Rendall and JP guiding you through this special show for the first two hours. 


Image (Hour 3)This week's third hour will continue the mini series of Eurovision's Repeat Offenders where you can find out which Eurovision performers have returned once, twice or even more times to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest or even perhaps another country :) 

Due to the special show this week there is no Eurovision News, Interviews, Quiz andother features. Also Radio International cannot take any requests to be played this week - however, you can send the music requests in to CONTACT for next week's show where all is back to normal.

Enjoy this week's special edition of Eurovision Radio International!


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