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Show 15 June 2011 (Euro Friends Song Contest 2011 - Grand Final)

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ImageA rather special edition of Radio International this week as it is time to reveal the GRAND FINAL of the Euro Friends Song Contest 2011. Andy Simon who is the prime organiser of this Song Contest based on the Eurovision Song Contest , will be with JP in the Radio International Studio bringing you the Top 25 as been voted for by the international juries from July 2010 until May 2011. During the show Andy explains the whole contest and a bit of history to it and you will hear all your 25 favourite songs and which one is the overall winner 2011. Just a reminder that in 2010 the Winner was Iceland's 2009 Eurovision entry from Yohanna with "Is it true". The thrill is on - lock your digitals in and rip the knob off as the Grand Final of the 2011 Euro Friends Song Contest kicks off. Enjoy the show. 
Please note, though, that this is a special show and this week Radio International cannot accept any requests from the listeners but we are back to this opportunity again next week. 
The Play List will be made available on 24 June 2011after the TV version of this contest has been aired. 

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