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Show 29 December 2010

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ImageRadio International this week is on special programming as the team enjoys their Christmas and New Year's break and back to normal programming on 05 January 2011. At this point the Team of Radio International would like to thank the listeners for their continuous support and listening to the show during 2010. Radio International continues also in 2011 with lots of shows. A Happy New Year and all the best for 2011. But now check out this week's Holiday edition of Radio International. 

ImageHour 1:  Home Composed Song Contest 2010 - The Chart: This Contest is part of the OGAE Network and 22 European composers and artists submitted their entries for 2010. Austria virtually hosted this contest this year and visitors to the website of the OGAE Austria could cast their vote until 31 October 2010 to their favourite songs of the competition which one could listen to via the website. The Voting Show is available online here and shortly the overview table will be displayed here. Radio International will this week play the Top 15 of the 2010 Home Composed Song Contest. Who is Number One - who won it? Check out the show this week to know.
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ImageHour 2:  Philip Kirkorov Special:  Radio International goes this week into the music and the life of the King of Russian Pop - Mr. Philipp Kirkorov who is heavily involved in producing hit music in the Russian speaking countries. Originally from Bulgaria he now lives in Moscow probably planning the next entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. :) He produced Koldun's "Work your Magic" which to date was the only Belarussian Eurovison entry to qualify for the Grand Final in 2007. Philipp also is responsible for the success of the Ukraine's Ani Lorak who became second in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Shady Lady" written entirely by the King of Russian Pop.

More detailed information about the King of Russian Pop - Philipp Kirkorov is available here

At the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, JP had the  chance to speak to His Musical Majesty in an interview which you listen to by clicking here.

At this point Radio International wishes to thank Linda McDonald from the United Kingdom for producing this Philip Kirkorov Special. Now enjoy the show and listen to the best of the King of Russian Pop - Philipp Kirkorov. 

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ImageHour 3:  Dutch Divas Special: The Dutch Divas exist since 2000 and are Dutch representative at the 1987 Eurovison Song Contest - Marga Bult then called Marcha whose "Rechtop in de Wind" reached Number 5. And Maggie McNeal who represented the Netherlands at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with the fabulous "Amsterdam" reaching Number 5. Maggie was also part of the duo Mouth & McNeal who sang for the Netherlands at the 1974 Eurovision Song contest "I see a star" reaching Number 3. 
Radio International meet the singers recently and interviewed the two charming and funny ladies. The last hour of the Radio International in 2010 belongs to the music and the interview with the Dutch Divas. Enjoy!
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