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Show 08 December 2010

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ImageEurovision meets South Africa - Interview with Carike Keuzenkamp: In this second session in a series where Radio International will be linking up with South Africa to bring you the Eurovision connection Radio International is delighted to welcome one of South Africa's greatest singers to the airwaves - Ms. Carike Keuzenkamp who will be joining the team during this week's edition of the show. Native Dutch Carike moved to South Africa when only aged five. TV Presenter on South African Television and also a great singer Carike has recorded some Eurovision Song Contest entries in Africaan of which two you will be able to hear during this week's edition of the show.   
ImageSouth Africa Quiz - Number 2Courtesy of Sony Records in South Africa who are kindly donating two CDs of Carike Keuzenkamp to the first two right entries to the Quiz. All you have to do is to listen back to the interview in the first hour of the show, the answers are there. There are two questions that need answering and you can win the CD of Carike.

Question 1:
From which Eurovision country is Carike Keuzenkam originally from?

Question 2:
Carike recorded many songs originally sang by a Eurovision Winner - who is that winner?

Now email us the answers. :) You got time until Tuesday, 14 December 2010, 2359 hours CET. 
ImageSweden's Melodifestivalen 2011 - Interview with Christer Björkman: Sweden's biggest annual music event of the year is the Melodifestivalen which is organised every year in various heats and ends in March with the Grand Final  on 12 March 2011 with ten songs out of which Televoters and Juries will be selecting the song of the year in Sweden. This song is used to represent Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest. Currently, there are many media events going on in Sweden and Lilian Brunell, our rowing reporter, has been at it again: 
ImageAt a recent event with many former Melodifestivalen particpants Lilian Brunnell had the big pleasure to meet Mr. Melodifestivalen - Christer Björkman yet again to interview him on the upcoming Melodifestivalen season and further interesting questions related to the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.  
ImageEurovision Interview with Fridrik Omar (Euroband) (Iceland, 2008): At a recent Eurovision event JP had the pleasure to meet again and interview again Fridrik Omar who together with Regina Osk are Euroband representing Iceland at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest reaching Number 14 with "This is my life". Listen to this interview which was done backstage in Setuba, Portugal at the 2010 Eurovision Party there. What is Fridrik doing now and what are his upcoming projects, solo or with Euroband? Are just some of the questions.   
ImageEuro Friend Song Contest 2010 - Qualifiers of Heat 11: Radio International in collaboration with the Euro Friends Song Contest will be announcing during the show this week the ten qualifiers of Heat 11 of what the international juries have been voting for. On the Face Book Page of the Euro Friends Song Contest, one could vote for your ten favourite songs in the Eurovision Song Contest amongst the eleven hundred songs of Europe's biggest music competition.  Two weeks ago Radio International revealed the ten qualifiers of Heat 10 and now Heat 11 is closed and the results will be announced during the show by Andy Simon, who is one of the prime organiser of Euro Friends Song Contest 2011.  Heat 12 will start very soon and you can join to vote for your favourite Eurovision songs by clicking on this link which takes you to the Face Book Page of the Event. Remember, you have to be a member in order to join the voting.   
ImageEurovision Song Contest Spotlight: Germany: In view of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest from Germany, Radio International's four regular Eurovision Experts will be joining us in turn week by week to review all the German entries of the Eurovision Song Contest from 1956 to 2010. Alasdair Rendall is back to continue with the review of the German entries in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995 - 2000.
ImageHome Composed Song Contest 2010 - The Result: Radio International continues the support of this songwriters competition also in 2010. Austria virtually hosted this contest this year and visitors to the website of the OGAE Austria could cast their vote until 31 October 2010 to their favourite songs. The Voting Show is now available online here and shortly the overview table will be displayed here. Radio International will be producing a show with the Top 15 of this year's Home Composed Song Contest to be broadcast on 29 December 2010
ImageEurovision Song Contest NewsLuke Fisher joins the team in the studio every week to bring you the news and the latest developments connected to the Eurovision Song Contest. Whether it is music releases of Eurovision performers, special concerts, gossip, etc Luke will have it all for us during the weekly edition of Radio International. Also check out the occasational appearance of Zoran Kovacic from Serbia on Radio International bringing us some Eurovision News in his style.
In addition, Eurovision News is available on www.eurovision.tv, oikotimes.com, esctime.com, escdaily.com, esctoday.com and escflashmalta.com
  • Italy - Italy to return to Eurovision in 2011
  • Georgia - Confirms participation for 2011
  • Montenegro - provisionally in Eurovision 2011
  • Russia - Confirms partiticpation for 2011
  • Ukraine - Change of rules (again!)
  • France - Confirms participation
  • Latvia - 71 songs were submitted for 2011
  • Hungary - likely to be in Eurovision 2011
  • CD releases - by Vukasin Brajic (B-H) and Terasbetoni (Fin)
This is just a selection. Go to www.oikotimes.com for detailed information.
Eurovision Quiz:  Scratch your heads and bite your nails at  our weekly Eurovision Song Contest Quiz. Good luck and win a copy of a past Eurovision Song Contest Final on DVD. All you have to do is to identify the five clips with Artist, Song, Country and Year. Send your answers via the website's CONTACTs form or via the msn-chat This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it As long as stock last you can also select something out of the Eurovision 2010 Goodies Bag. Good Luck! And the Winner of last week's Quiz: Wilfred van Dellen from Maastricht, The Netherlands. Congratulations yet again!
Eurovision Song Contest Calendar of Events: Check out a detailed listing of all events scheduled around Europe. If you hear of something we have not listed please drop us a line by clicking here and let us know. After Eurovision is before Eurovision and to bridge the Eurovision Gap many Eurovision Clubs will be holding their annual convention.
Upcoming Fan Club Events: 
22 Jan - OGAE Germany Convention, Munic, Germany

Eurovision Song Contest Interviews the Radio International Team has done with the Eurovision performers can be heard by visiting our Eurovision section of this website or check out the Radio International goes.... part of the website. The 2010 Eurovision Interviews have not yet been displayed there. You can find them as part of the weekly editions of Radio International. You can go through the Show Archive to find interviews by using search. 
Eurovision Music requests as well as other music requests are most welcome and can be done via our website's CONTACT US page. Let us know what you want to hear and where you are from. Due to the large number of requests we received and cannot accommodate this week these requests will be added to the play list for the future shows

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