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Show 22 September 2010 - Happy Holidays
ImageThe Team of Radio International is still on holidays for two more weeks which means time for a special programming. The team pre-recorded some special shows for your listening pleasure. That also means that for the next two weeks we are not able to play your requests during Radio International and chat with you as usual via www.oikotimes.com. All goes back to normal on 06 October 2010. But now enjoy what we have prepared for you this week!
ImageRepeat Offenders (Part 2). This is the second part in a series where we have taken a look at all the Eurovision artists that have ever been on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest - not only once- but have returned once, twice or three times. Chris Poppe has compiled a list of Repeat Offenders which you will be able to hear in the first hour of this week's edition of Radio International. The list is huge and you will be surprised who you see on it. Part 3 will be aired next week in the first hour of Radio International.  
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ImageEurovision meets South Africa (Series 2, Part 2). After the huge success of the 2009 edition Radio International has gone into the production of the second series of programmes where you can hear fantastic covers of Eurovision Song Contest entries performed by South African artist.  Part  3 will be aired next week in the second hour of Radio International.
ImageEurovision Song Contest - The Naughties: 2002 & 2003.  And the third hour in this week's edition of Radio International belongs to the Naughties. This week we start a five part series with a reflection of the Eurovision Song Contests 2000 - 2009 = the Naughties. Michael Goodrich co-produced this series and joins JP from the United States of America to present the pick of the songs that were huge in the Eurovision Song Contests of 2002 and 2003. Watch out for the continuation of the series in the not too distant future on Radio International.
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