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Show 24 March 2010
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Eurovision Song Contest with Radio International and Oikotimes.
Image Share the Moment:  Melodifestivalen 2010:  Interviews with Interval Acts. Last week Radio International devoted a great part of the show to the contestants of the 2010 Melodifestivalen (Jessica Andersson, Darin, Eric Saade, Pernilla Wahlgren, Timoteij, co - presenter Mans Zelmerloew). This week we have two more interviews with Melodifestivalen Finalists Peter Joeback  and  Salem Al Fakir. In addition, there are interviews with former Eurovision performers who were part of the great Interval Act at this year's Melodifestivalen where Sweden versus Norway. Listen to interviews with Afrodite (Sweden 2002), the charming Charmed (Norway 2000) and with the winner of the 1985 Eurovision Song Contest - the Bobbysocks from Norway. Click here for the live report by Lilian Brunell with all the votes and results.
ImageEurovision Song Contest Spotlight - National Finals: The regular Eurovision Spot with the Radio International correspondents Marcus, Ross, Chris and Alasdair. With this week all countries have selected their entry to the 55th Eurovision Song Contest which takes place on 25 & 27 May 2010 for  the Semi Finals and the Grand Final on 29 May 2010. To wrap up this series Marcus Keppel Palmer will be taking a look and play clips of the songs selected  from Bosnia & Herzegovina, Israel, Azerbaijan, France and Belarus
ImageYour 3 Minutes of Fame on Radio International:  Niall McCourt joins us from Germany to tell us about his first Eurovision Experience and more. Radio International would also like to know from YOU your first Eurovision Experience either live in a Final of the Eurovision Song Contest or watching at home or during a Eurovision party. Tell us how you found out about the Eurovision Song Contest. What special things do you remember, liked, disliked and of course your favourite Eurovision Song. We will call you during the show - have a nice chat with you and then play out with your favourite Eurovision song. For that please contact Radio International via CONTACT on the website  and leave your phone number and the song you wish to have played on the show. This is be great fun.
ImageEurovision News. Luke Fisher joins us on a weekly basis to supply us with the latest happenings in the world of the Eurovision Song Contest. Eurovision News is available on www.eurovision.tv, oikotimes.com, esctime.com, escdaily.com, esctoday.com and escmalta.com.   OGAE Malta has a nice history section.  It is called "Eurovision...looking back ". Check it out and enjoy your occasional trip back down Memory Lane of the Eurovision Song Contest with OGAE Malta.  Listen to a pick of the Eurovision News also on Radio International:
  • Ukraine - EBU's statement on the Ukrainian Crisis - song was selected just before the show:  Aloysha- Sweet People
  • EBU - Shopping dates for the Eurovision2010 CD and DVD
  • Netherlands - Eurovision in Concert 2010
  • Malta - New version of the song available
  • EBU - Eurovision Song Contest 2010 - The Draw of the Running Order
  • Netherlands - New version for Sieneke is available
  • Germany - Success for Unser Star für Oslo participant; Lena breaks all records
This is just a selection. Go to www.oikotimes.com for detailed information.
Eurovision Quiz:  Scratch your heads and bite your nails at  our weekly Eurovision Song Contest Quiz. Good luck and win a copy of a past Eurovision Song Contest Final on DVD. The first two right entries naming the five clips with Artist, Song, Country and Year will win. Send your answers via the website's CONTACTs page. 
Eurovision Song Contest Calendar of Events: Check out a detailed listing of all events scheduled around Europe. If you hear of something we have not listed please drop us a line by clicking here and let us know. 
Upcoming Events:
Eurovision Song Contest Interviews the Radio International Team has done with the Eurovision performers can be heard by visiting our Eurovision section of this website or check out the Radio International goes.... part of the website.

Eurovision Music requests as well as other music requests are most welcome and can be done via our website's CONTACT US page. Let us know what you want to hear and where you are from. Due to the large number of requests we received and cannot accommodate this week these requests will be added to the play list for the future shows

Eurovision Radio Shows on other European Radio Stations 

Image Check out JP's All Eurovision Hit Radio on this website. Follow this link to listen. But there are also other radio stations offering nice Eurovision shows. Here is a small selection. Enjoy.                    
Malta's Eurovision Radio comes from the sunny island presented by Deo Grech on Super ONE Radio every Tuesday from 2045 - 2145 hours. You can contact Deo during the show and request your favourite Eurovision songs. The show is in Maltese mixed with English. Click here for further information and also if you would like to listen to back issues of Malta's Eurovision Radio. The new season has begun.
EurovisiO Radio - a brand new 24 hours a day  Eurovision Internet Radio Station based in Antwerp, Belgium. Philip Vereyken will be thrilled to have you on board on Monday evenings when his show EurovisiO will be broadcast around the World.  Find out more details here and  you can join EurovisiOradio Radio 24 hours a day.    
The EXPAT part of Radio International.  

During the show we broadcast a mix of infotainment content including: Movie Guide, EXPAT News, Theatre updates, Space, Science & Technology News, Concert Updates and the odd stories from around the World. Also there is the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend locally and the weekly worldwide Temperature Check.

EXPAT/Dutch/Community News:
TheHagueOnline has the latest updates on events scheduled in The Hague for EXPATs and international guests in the Netherlands. For further EXPAT Information and updates visit TheHagueOnline's website. Listen out for some more news from The Hague throughout the show.  "A Hand in the Hague" helps you as a foreigner to get about in the Dutch City. Visit the website which is of great interests to EXPATS. 

Get your daily update of the Dutch News in English by subscribing to their Newsletter with a summary of the latest events in and around the Netherlands. Click here for the website

The English Breakfast Team entertains the EXPATs in the Netherlands from the SALTO Radio station in Amsterdam. Tune in for the latest current affairs items, sports and news. How to listen to THE ENGLISH BREAKFAST visit their their website. 
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