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Radio International goes to Soraya (ESC 2009, Spain)
ImageSoraya represented Spain at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest unfortunately only receiving 23 points ranking Spain at 23rd position of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest. However, a great favourite amongst the Eurovision Fans, OGAE Luxembourg invited Soraya to their annual Eurovision Gala which was held on 17 October 2009 in Luxembourg. There the team of Radio International had the great pleasure to meet and interview the bundle of energy from sunny Spain -  Soraya.
Enjoy this week a rather special edition of Radio International Goes.... as we will be going through the musical career of Soraya and also play back the interview we did with her. In addition, we play tracks from three of her albums certainly a must-have in your collection. In addition of the interview on the radio it was also filmed and is available on YouTube.
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