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Interview with Kate Ryan (Belgium 2006)(20 October 2009)
ImageOn Tuesday, 20 October 2009, the team of Radio International was invited to the launch and promotion event of the new album of Kate Ryan. The event took place in Antwerp's Festivities Hall, Belgium with Kate Ryan and Soraya (Spain's entry at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest).  The album in question is Kate Ryan's latest offering and is an album full of great cover versions all in the French language, hence, the album is called “French Connection”. On that album Spain's Soraya sings in duet with Kate Ryan the fantastic "Caminare / Je m'en irai".

Both ladies represented their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Soraya in 2009 with "La noche es para me" and Kate Ryan in 2006 with "Je t'adore".

More information about the album (tracklisting) is available here. And more information on Kate Ryan is available here.
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