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Radio International goes to the OGAE UK EUROBASH 2009
ImageOn Saturday, 03 October 2009 the Eurovision Club of the United Kingdom (OGAE UK) held their annual Eurovision Convention called EUROBASH 2009 with the participation of over 100 international Eurovision fans and friends. The venue was Jury's Inn Hotel in Birmingham, UK and all followed a very professional and nicely organized programme with items such as Euroquiz, The Bash Big Four Contest, Raffle, Stars in their Eurovision Eyes and the famous Euro Disco until the early hours. 
Another highlight was the Guest List.   OGAE UK invited the songwriter of  "Come backMartyn Baylay. He wrote the song which was the UK's entry in 2002 by Jessica Garlick reaching a remarkable 3rd place in that year's Eurovision Song Contest. Jessica was on the Guest List but had to cancel her participation due to illness.
The other guest on the list was James Fox who represented the UK in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest when it came from Istanbul, Turkey with the song "Hold on the our love" reaching Number 16.  JP and Chris interviewed James extensively which you can hear in this weeks edition of the show and you can also find a copy of the interview on YouTube.

Marcus and JP present a little review of the EUROBASH 2009 with it's highlights and music and wish you a HAPPY LISTENING!
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