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Show 07 October 2009
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Eurovision Song Contest with Radio International and Oikotimes.
ImageThis week saw the second live web-TV transmission of Radio International via www.oikotimes.com - Europe's leading Eurovision News Website. Thank you to all the listener and viewers who joined us during the first two hours of our live show with the many requests and greetings  across Europe. As popularity of this simulcast grows week by week we will continue throughout the many weeks to come. Join us every Wednesday from 2000 - 2200 hours CET  via the web TV channel of oikotimes.com (click the link to watch how we actually do Radio International). And enjoy your active participation. 

For optimal full listening pleasure we suggest to turn off the sound of the OIKOTIMES TV and listen to the stream from the the studio by clicking here.  Please note that the TV transmission will be live from 2000 - 2200 hours CET only. While the third hour continues without video stream . Receive the audio by clicking here.  

Eurovision Song Contest - the History of the next Host Country: Norway won the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest and also agreed to host the 55th Eurovision Song Contest the Eurovision part of Radio International thought to take a look back at Norway's participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. So for the next  weeks in rotation Alasdair Rendal, Chris Poppe, Marcus Keppel-Palmer and Ross Bennett will be telling us interesting items about host country and each week we review four songs of Norway. This week Chris takes a look at the Norwegian entries at the Eurovision Song Contest  from 1964 to 1967.
Eurovision Song Contest Calendar of Events: Check out a detailed listing of all events scheduled around Europe. If you hear of something we have not listed please drop us a line by clicking here and let us know. Upcoming Eurovision events (click the links for more information): Eurovision Gala in LuxembourgEurovision Club Germany Convention
Eurovision Song Contest Interviews the Radio International Team has done with the Eurovision performers can be heard by visiting our Eurovision section of this website. 2009 Interviews are also available in the Show Archive as part of the weekly shows. 

ImageEurovision News is available on www.eurovision.tv and you can find constant updates of the latest Eurovision Song Contest News as they happen on oikotimes.com, esctime.com and esctoday.com. Alternative Eurovision News Websites are escmalta.com and OGAE Malta has a nice history section.  It is called "Eurovision...looking back ". Check it out and enjoy your occasional trip back down Memory Lane of the Eurovision Song Contest with OGAE Malta. Listen to some of the Eurovision News also on Radio International: UK: James Fox wants to compete again, Swedish TV received 246 songs for online wildcard voting, Belgium: Sandra Kim plans her comeback in 2010, Chiara in Sweden, Denmark: DR receives 562 songs for the 2010 national selection, etc

Eurovision Quiz:  Scratch your heads and bite your nails at  our weekly Eurovision Song Contest Quiz. Good luck and win a copy of a past Eurovision Song Contest Final on DVD.
Eurovision Music requests as well as other music requests are most welcome and can be done via our website's CONTACT US page. Let us know what you want to hear and where you are from. Requests we cannot accommodate this week will be added to the play list for the future shows and you will get a mention during the show. 
Home Composed Song Contest 2009 (HCSC2009): The new season has started. Serbia won in 2008 and thus is the host of the 2009 edition of the contest. Check out the website of the HCSC2009 by clicking here and get familiar with the participants by listening and voting for the songs. 
Cliff Richard & the Shadows European Tour - click here for the list

ImageRadio International goes to the Eurovision Song Contest - THE NUMBER TWOs (Part 6). For the next six weeks we will broadcast the Runners Up of the Eurovision Song Contest. We go through the 54 year history of the Eurovision Song Contest and play you a clip from the winner of each year, give you some additional information of the particular song contest and then play the Number Two in full. This is in the third hour of Radio International. Enjoy 

Eurovision Radio Shows on other European Radio Stations 

ImageCheck out JP's All Eurovision Hit Radio on this website. Follow this link to listen. But there are also other radio stations offering nice Eurovision shows. Here is a small selection. Enjoy. 

Malta's Eurovision Radio comes from the sunny island presented by Deo Grech on Super ONE Radio every Tuesday from 2045 - 2145 hours. You can contact Deo during the show and request your favourite Eurovision songs. The show is in Maltese mixed with English. Click here for further information and also if you would like to listen to back issues of Malta's Eurovision Radio. The new season has begun. 

The EXPAT part of Radio International.  

During the show we broadcast a mix of infotainment content including: Movie Guide, EXPAT News, Theatre updates, Space, Science & Technology News, Concert Updates and the odd stories from around the World. Also there is the weather forecast for the upcoming weekend locally and the weekly worldwide Temperature Check.

EXPAT/Dutch/Community News:

TheHagueOnline has the latest updates on events scheduled in The Hague for EXPATs and international guests in the Netherlands. For further EXPAT Information and updates visit TheHagueOnline's website. Listen out for some more news from The Hague throughout the show.  "A Hand in the Hague" helps you as a foreigner to get about in the Dutch City. Visit the website which is of great interests to EXPATS. 

Get your daily update of the Dutch News in English by subscribing to their Newsletter with a summary of the latest events in and around the Netherlands. Click here for the website

Health: Irren presents the eleven healthiest autumn fruits and vegetables to help you through the autumn cold season. Stay healthy!

Space:  Space Debries gets some respect. 

Movies:  You can find a list of the movies offered in the Netherlands by visiting the Filmladder.nl. 2012, Fame;

The English Breakfast Team entertains the EXPATs in the Netherlands from the SALTO Radio station in Amsterdam. Tune in for the latest current affairs items, sports and news. How to listen to THE ENGLISH BREAKFAST visit their their website. 

General Music: The show is of course spiced with the best of music old and new and of course your requests. You can send in your requests by clicking on the CONTACT link in the MAIN MENU. Also if you have public service announcements you wish us to make, please feel free to send us the information and we will be happy to air them for you. 
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