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Show 16 September 2009 - The Story of the San Remo (Part 2)

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Image This week and next week is a rather special edition of Radio International as we continue our trip down Memory Lane with the Story of the San Remo. In our first edition we started to take a look at the Eurovision Song Contest meeting the San Remo Song Festival. We continue this week with more songs from Italian artists that have taken part in the Eurovision Song Contest and were also winners of the San Remo Music Festival. Artists such as Gianni Morandi, Anna Oxa & Fausto Leali, Matia Baza and Mia Martini. Enjoy!

In case you missed the first show of the Story of the San Remo Song Festival - fear not! It is available here - Part 1of the San Remo Story


Then in our third hour we continue the series of the NUMBER TWOs of the Eurovision Song Contest. This week it is Part 3 in the series.

Happy Listening!

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