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Show 29 July 2009

A completely different and special edition of Radio International this week offers three different type of shows in one.

ImageIn our First Hour Radio International introduces a new series which features the NUMBER TWOs at the Eurovision Song Contest. Just this week you get a little taster of the series that will start in August. 

Also in the first hour Chris Poppe makes a comeback for another one in the series of the Mysterious Eurovision Winner's Profile. Who has Chris wrapped into verbal and musical clues this week? Try to give it a guess. All this is spiced with some nice music from and around the Eurovision Song Contest. 

Click here to listen to the First Hour                     Play List


Image Then in our Second Hour Radio International goes to the San Remo Song Festival. (Part 1) This marks the start of a special mini series about Italy's long running Song Festival - The San Remo which is also considered as the mother of the Eurovision Song Contest excisting since 1951 as Festival di San Remo. Many artists who emerged from the San Remo Song Festival also represented Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest such as Toto Cutugno, Gigiola Cinquetti, Al Bano & Romina Power, etc. Find out more about the history and the great music.

In this first part of the series Radio International takes a look at famous artists that participated at the Eurovision Song Contest and also were winners of the San Remo Song Festival. 

Click here to listen to the Second Hour about the San Remo Song Festival                    Play List


ImageAnd then something completely different in our Third Hour when Radio International goes .... Blue Grass. Something we have never had before on Radio International. We have been approached by a Blue Grass Musician - Mr. Kevin Lynch from the United States of America. Kevin joins us tin the studio his week to introduce to our listens Blue Grass music and gives us some background about that particular type of music. You get to hear some of the samples Kevin has recorded himself with other famous US Blue Grass musicians. For more information on Blue Grass Music click here. Enjoy!

Click here to listen to the Third Hour about Blue Grass Music 

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