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Radio International goes to the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 (Part 8)
ImageRadio International Goes ... to the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 series slowly comes to an end with only a few more interviews of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest to go through. Our next edition will be the last one.  However, this week in Part 8 of the series we talk to Lys Assis who was the very first winner of the Eurovision Song Contest way back in 1956 with the song "Refrain" for Switzerland.  Together with Dima Bilan she handed over the trophy to Alexander Rybak from Norway for winning the 2009 competition. Right after the Winner's Press Conference we talked to Germany's Alex Swings and Oscar Sings about the outcome for Germany.  "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang" only ended up at Number 20. Also we had another little chat with Chiara right after the Semi Final Winners'Press Conference. And then we had the great honour to interview one of the biggest songwriters of our time Ms. Diane Warren who together with Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber co-wrote this year's UK entry to the Eurovision Song Contest for Jade "My Time". The UK was the most successful BIG FOUR country in this year's contest reaching Number 5. To find out what other songs Diane Warren wrote please click here.  We also have some more fan interview clips from the hall - so listen out - it might be YOU on the radio this week. :) All this is spiced with the best of 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entries and some special remixes.
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