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Radio International goes...Malta's Eurosong 2009 (Part 2)
Image(25 February 2009) Radio International goes once again to Malta's Eurosong 2009. In this second part of the programme you can hear an interview with Nicki French who was one of the international judges in the Malta Eurosong 2009 show. We spoke to her in the Green Room. Nicki French is a great Eurovision fan herself and represented the United Kingdom in the 2000 Eurovision Song Contest reaching Number 16 for the UK in Stockholm, Sweden with "Don't play that song again".

ImageThen backstage we spoke to Josep of Baklava performing "Kamikaze Lover".  Josep already smelt Eurovision air as he was on the stage with Olivis Lewis as part of Malta's 2007 Eurovision entry in Helsinki.

In the photo see Josep of Baklava with JP.
ImageOur third interview partner also is no stranger to the Eurovision Song Contest and also to listeners of Radio International. Miriam Christine represented Malta back in 1996 with the song "In a woman's heart" reaching  number 10.  She also won the Malta Hit Song Contest 2007 and has entered "Mama" for the Malta's Eurosong 2009.
In the photo see Miriam Christine with JP.
Also we spoke to some more international guests and Maltese fans and all that is wrapped into  music of the event and more.

ImageThe Malta Eurosong 2009 is the Maltese national selection of what song is going to represent Malta at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in May. The Maltese National Final took place on Saturday, 07 February 2009 in the MFCC (Malta's Fair & Convention Centre) and JP had the great pleasure to meet many new young artists wanting the ticket for Moscow but also artists who already represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest such as Georgina (who sang with Paul Giordimain in 1991) and Miriam Christine (who represented Malta in 1996). In the photo see Linda Martin and Nicki French with JP.

Enjoy today the second part  of Radio International goes to Malta's Eurosong 2009.

Part 3 continues next week.
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