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Show 28 January 2009

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Radio International Goes.... (Third Hour)       

Image(28 January 2009)This week Radio International goes...CORINNE HERMES who is the Winner of the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest for Luxembourg. In fact, the last of 5 victories for Luxembourg (1961, 1965, 1972 and 1983). Radio International had the great pleasure and honor to meet and interview Corinne Hermes at the 2009 OGAE Germany Convention in Munich, Germany where she was invited to as a special guest and became Honorary Member of OGAE Germany.  The 1983 Eurovision Song Contest was staged in Munich, Germany after the victory of Nicole back in 1982. Twenty countries competed and Luxembourg won with the song "Si la vie est cadeau" receiving 142 points. Listen to the interview with Corinne Hermes 26 years after she won in Munich and some other songs from her album "Corinne Hermes - Les plus belles chansons". Sitting around the table at the interview was Andreas from Dutch Radio Almelo, Bernd Korpasch from OGAE Germany and Marco Lambrecht from ARD Television. Radio International would like to express a special thanks to Mr. Lluis Amat from Spain kindly helping us with translation in the interview. Muchas Gracias Lluis. Click here to listen
Radio International   (First and Second Hour) 
Regular items:  Local & European Weather Forecast , Temperature Check around the World,  Concerts, Movies and The Birthday File;

Eurovision Song Contest with Radio International.

For all upcoming Eurovision Conventions / Events visit our Eurovision Events Calendar.

ImageEurovision News is available on www.eurovision.tv and you can find constant updates of the latest Eurovision Song Contest News as they happen on esctoday.com. Alternative Eurovision News Websites are oikotimes.com, Stars of Eurovision, 12points.tv and escmalta.com.   OGAE Malta has a nice history section.  It is called "Eurovision...looking back ". Check it out and enjoy your occasional trip back down Memory Lane of the Eurovision Song Contest with OGAE Malta. Listen to some of the Eurovision News also on Radio International. This week: Announcement of Polish National Final with Ruslana as special guest - 10 participants, Who performs when at Eurovision 2009 - The Draw, Dutch Broadcaster NOS quits Eurovision and hands over to TROS,  ;

The 12points.tv Teadance Toppers Pre-Party is scheduled to take place Sunday, 01 February 2009 starting at 1400 hours. The venue is the Grolsch Sport Cafe, Franciscusweg 6A in Hilversum (near Studioi 22), The Netherlands. There will be a buffet as well. Tickets can be purchased in advance for EURO 7 or are availbale at the door for EURO 9. If you decide to also enjoy the buffet than the price is EURO 20. Enjoy the best of Eurovision music and dance your socks of and meet many Eurovision friends and fans. More information is available on there 12points.tv website

Eurovision Promo Concert in the Netherlands: Yes indeed it is happening on the 18 April 2009. in Amsterdam Marcanti. For detailed information and how to reserve your ticket for this fantastic event click here

Eurovision Song Contest Interviews the Radio International Team has done with the Eurovision performers can be heard by visiting our Eurovision section of this website.
Eurovision Song Contest 2009 - Analysing the songs: Joining us for the very first time is Ross Bennett from the UK to introduce to us the songs that already have been selected so far. Listen with us to the songs from Belarus, Montenegro, Albania and Turkey and judge for yourself which so far is your favourite.

Eurovision Song Contest Fan Clubs: Radio International has started a series of interviews with the Presidents of the various Eurovision Fan Clubs in the Eurovision World. Listen out throughout 2009 on a regular basis and their point of view of the Eurovision Song Contest in their countries.
Starting this week is OGAE UK's Paul Marks-Jones who just recently took over the position as OGAE UK President from Richard Crane. Paul joins us on the radio for an interview.

Eurovision Quiz:  Scratch your heads and bite your nails at  our weekly Eurovision Song Contest Quiz. Where we play clips of five Eurovision songs for you to guess and to win something.

Eurovision Music requests as well as other music requests are most welcome and can be done via our website's CONTACT US page. Let us know what you want to hear and where you are from.
Eurovision Radio Shows on other European Radio Stations 

ImageCheck out JP's All Eurovision Hit Radio on this website. Follow this link to listen. But there are also other radio stations offering nice Eurovision shows. Here is a small selection. Enjoy. 

Greece's Epiloges FM
. The velvet voice of Georgios (Gorgi) Kalpakidis from Greece can be heard when he hosts  his weekly two hour Eurovision Radio in Greece on Epiloges FM. The show is available via the Internet and airs every Wednesday from 1700 - 1900 hours CET - just before Radio International. Tune in to his show and drop him a line via the website: www.epilogesfm.gr.   The Show Archive of Gorgi's radio show is available here
EurovisiO is a weekly radio show produced in the studios of Oradio in Antwerp, Belgium.  It airs every Monday evening from 2200 - 2300 hours and is presented by Philip Vereyken.  A must for Eurovision freaks. Lots of nice Eurovision music, interviews and news - however, in the Flemish language. You can listen to a repeat of EurovisO by clicking here.  Philip also can help you find accommodation in Moscow. Go to the website: www.travel2eurovision.com
Malta's Eurovision Radio comes from the sunny island presented by Deo Grech on Super ONE Radio every Tuesday from 2045 - 2145 hours. You can contact Deo during the show and request your favourite Eurovision songs. The show is in Maltese mixed with English. Click here for further information and also if you would like to listen to back issues of Malta's Eurovision Radio.
Colin Berry, the legendary voice from BBC Radio 2 in the UK now hosts a Saturday Radio Show on BBC Three Counties Radio including a Eurovision Spot. Colin Berry was the spokesperson for the British jury for over 20 years.

The EXPAT part of Radio International.  

West International. On 07 January 2009 Radio International was visited by a TV Crew from TV West filming us doing the show. The TV documentary marks the start of a TV series which will be shown on TV West on Monday, 02 February 2009 at 2220 hours and will later also be available on the website of the show called "West International" focusing on the EXPATS in the Netherlands and wherever you are on the our globe. For more information how to obtain your tickets for the show is available here.

Restaurant Review: Check out Sally's favourite - The Chocolate Bar, 1e van der Helstraat 62a, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Phone 0031 20 6757672, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

EXPAT/Dutch/Community News:
Eva Lazlo from TheHagueOnline  has the latest updates on events scheduled in The Hague for EXPATs and international guests in the Netherlands. For further EXPAT Information and updates visit TheHagueOnline's website. Listen out for some more news from The Hague throughout the show.  "A Hand in the Hague" helps you as a foreigner to get about in the Dutch City. Visit the website which is of great interests to EXPATS. 

Get your daily update of the Dutch News in English by subscribing to their Newsletter with a summary of the latest events in and around the Netherlands. Click here for the website. Covered this week: Delft school for EXPAT Kids, Scooter for hire at major stations, Obama must recognize International Court;

Movies:  You can find a list of the movies offered in the Netherlands by visiting the Filmladder.nl. Australia, Yes Man;

Space News / Environment / Science / Technology: Satellites help locate water, Star Trek creator's ashes head off into Space;

The English Breakfast Team entertains the EXPATs in the Netherlands from the SALTO Radio station in Amsterdam. Tune in for the latest current affairs items, sports and news. How to listen to THE ENGLISH BREAKFAST visit their their website. 

BLAST1386 our friendly Radio Partner:
Kieron Collins from the UK's BLAST1386 presents the 5 o'clock Rock" on Sunday afternoons. Listen to the repeat by clicking here.

General Music: The show is of course spiced with the best of music old and new and of course your requests. You can send in your requests by clicking on the CONTACT link in the MAIN MENU. Also if you have public service announcements you wish us to make, please feel free to send us the information and we will be happy to air them for you. 
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