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Eurovision Interview with Dana International (Israel, 1998)
ImageRadio International had the pleasure to meet and interview Dana International at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest as she wrote the 2008 entry for Israel - "Ke'ilo kan" performed by Boaz Mauda. The song reached Number 9 in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. 
DANA INTERNATIONAL won with the song "Diva" at the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest. This special performance caused lots of controversy as Dana International - as a transexuel represented Israel. This also marked the change of the Eurovision Song Contest, the joining of many more countries, the change of music styles and performances and also the increasing number of viewers. Find out more from Dana International and what she has been doing over the years. This following audio clip includes excerpts from the Press Conference Dana International was giving in her hotel in Serbia's Capital Belgrade in May of 2008.
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